Meshek Energy

Your energy company, for you
Mishkei Energy, of the Kibbutz Economies Group (Mishkei Hakibbutzim), was founded in 2014 and is considered Israel´s largest electricity distributor and one of the leaders of the national electricity industry. Mishkei Energy sells electricity generated in privately owned power plants that excel in high energetic efficiency to 300 major clients in the kibbutz and country residence sector.

Our clients enjoy more efficient consumption, significant energy cost savings, and a high-quality supply of electricity during and after transition, as well as reliable, professional, and attentive service. The fact that we are fully owned by Kibbutz Economies, which also holds the Dalia Energy Power Station, grants us financial durability that is unique in the electric market, and the organizational and operational abilities to manage a nation-wide marketing and customer service array – from Dan to Eilat.

Facts and Numbers

  • Israel´s largest electricity distributor
  • Founded in 2014
  • Fully owned by Kibbutz Economies Group (Mishkei Hakibbutzim)
  • 300 clients who are partners in our success
  • 350 MW sold until 202
  • To date, we have saved our customers over NIS 70 million per year
  • Licensed to distribute electricity

Our experts are at your service

Our staff at Mishkei Energy is here to help you enjoy a world of benefits. We´re here to answer any question and help you take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Yoav Zur, CEO of Meshek Energy

"Mishkei Energy is Israel´s oldest and largest company distributing electricity from private power stations. With the opening of the energy market to competition, we bring our service to the entire kibbutz and settlement sector."

Yoav Zur has vast and extensive experience in management of local and international companies and as a mentor to startup companies.

Naama Zach, VP Sales and Marketing

"The energy market in Israel is more dynamic and fluid than ever. Our experience at Mishkei Energy, along with our professionalism and commitment to our clients, gives you the ability to learn about, recognize and maximize the potential that is being created."

Naama Zach joined Mishkei Energy in 2017 after serving as VP Marketing at IPM power station, before which she led strategic changes in the Israeli communication market.

Contact details

Main telephone: 03-5653575