Meshek Energy

Your energy company, for you
Energy Economy coordinates activities of the Kibbutz Economies Group in the field of energy. Energy Economy has special expertise in the electricity field, with an emphasis on active economies designated for the Kibbutz sector including: Marketing power of individual manufacturers, solar energy systems, renovation of electricity infrastructure, support for electricity distribution and supply operations, and more.

As one of the first bodies integrated into the electricity sector following the reform, Energy Economy holds extensive knowledge in the field, and has the ability to offer its customers unique contracts and preferential terms.
The unique ownership structure, whereby Energy Economy customers are also its owners, constitutes significant added value.
This ownership structure increases Energy Economy´s commitment to its customers, and creates an additional incentive for customers to achieve optimal conditions. Energy Economy, as part of the Kibbutz Economies Group, enjoys strong financial backing, and organizational culture patterns which are adapted for kibbutzim and kibbutz industry.

CEO: Hen Melamed

The company is headed by CEO Hen Melamed, who has 25 years of experience in collective management and expertise in the privatization of infrastructure in Israel and abroad.

Contact details

Main telephone: 03-6233697