Meshek Trade

Trade and Consumerism, for kibbutzim and kibbutz members and for functional settlement
Trade Economy is an Agricultural Cooperative Society (ACS) which manages the consumerism of all residents of the settlement sector and general Kibbutz industry.
Trade Economy is the buying power and economies of scale for residents of kibbutzim and moshavim, and specializes in the collective trade proposals for the kibbutz sector.

Trade Economy brings true added economic value to members of kibbutzim and moshavim. The consumer activity of the Society is adapted to the consumer behavior of the settlement sector. Trade Economy acts to produce trade benefits and relevant collaboration focusing on products and services that suit the lifestyle of the target populations in areas where residents are concentrated in the settlement sector.

CEO: Nir Barkai

At the head of the ACS - which includes the vehicle economy organizations, trade economy and Meshekard - stands CEO Nir Barkai, with many years of experience in various senior management positions at top tier companies, and who holds a certified MBA from Bar Ilan University.

Contact details

Telephone: 03-6233601