Land and Community Development
Mazpen is an Agricultural Cooperative Society (ACS) specializing in land development projects, some of which incorporate community aspects.  Mazpen raises the banner of expertise in leading projects, including those that combine aspects of community, with professionalism and social awareness, while striving to minimize conflict. The Association leads various projects through identification with the needs of the members and communities. All this is done through emphasis on strengthening the cooperative part of the community, building a broad consensus, and progress adapted to the social structure and unique nature of every city and community.
The Society´s areas  of practice are: Planning Management - urban building program, strategic plans, developing the economic potential of land, allocation of apartments, demographic growth, construction management, upgrading of infrastructure, community development. Among Mazpen´s clients are leaders of rural settlements and kibbutzim, community leaders, moshav secretaries, members of regional councils, entrepreneurs and others involved in land development.

CEO: Shmulik Dudai

At the head of Mazpen stands CEO Shmulik Dudai, expert in land and community projects in the rural sector.
He has 20 years of experience in leading diverse projects and managing initiatives related to land management and community development, partnership in transportation and construction of two new settlements, and extensive experience in rural communities. 

Contact details

Main telephone: 03-6233601,  054-9292488
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