Kanfei Meshek

Be in good hands
for tourism and holidays, conferences and events, a world of new destinations
The Kanfei Meshek Company specializes in providing business services in air travel and tourism, conferences, and events for kibbutz members and business organizations. The company is among the ten largest companies in the tourism sector nationally and is active in all areas of tourism, conferences and events. The company has four offices around the country and a subsidiary operating in Cyprus. Kanfei Meshek serves private customers alongside hundreds of organizations and companies from all sectors in Israel and operates charter flights to several destinations in Europe. The company is also engaged in domestic tourism for individuals and groups, and a special desk handles conference and event production tailor-made to the customer´s needs.

Contact details

Telephone: 03-5656000 OR 5605*
Email: info@mishkei.co.il

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