The Kibbutz Economies Group has holdings in additional companies: Dalia Power Energies, Neser, a provider of communication solutions for kibbutzim; the Agricultural Insurance company; and Alumot brokerage firm.
Dalia Power Energies Ltd. was founded in 2005 to build and operate a private power plant to provide electricity at a lower cost than the electricity company, while encouraging the development of competition in the electricity market.
The Dalia Power Plant was established on the Tzafit site in accordance with government policy, with the understanding that it functions towards encouraging competition in the electricity sector in Israel. The power plant is based on combined cycle technology and operates through both a gas turbine and a steam turbine, with an output of approximately 900 MW, with maximum energy efficiency of 58%.
Dalia is a major player in the electricity market and constitutes about 7% of the production capacity of the electricity sector in Israel. The total cost of the power plant at the Tzafit site totaled $ 3.5 billion and its funding was provided by the owner, the Leumi Bank as an organizer of the senior debt, and six leading major financial institutions in the Israeli economy.
Its history began at the end of the thirties during the last century. Following repeated fires caused by the Valley Railway in fields established by the settlers, and the refusal of insurance companies to insure this risk, a handful of kibbutzim of the time decided to adopt the basic concept of mutual insurance and created the mutual agricultural insurance fund.
Since then the mutual fund has come a long way. Fire insurance for fields and crops were added to the insurance for farming supplies, tractors and vehicles, over the years industry and liability insurance were added, and a successful pension fund was established  - "Atudot". The mutual agricultural fund over time changed names and priorities and at present Agricultural Insurance, a Central Cooperative Society Ltd., owned by 261 kibbutzim, moshavim and associations in the settlement sector, operates as an insurance company in every respect, a member of the Insurance Companies Association, licensed to engage in all types of insurance and subject to Israeli state regulation and supervision. About 60% of revenues are derived from association insurance of kibbutzim and factories and related businesses, and 40% are from private sector insurance through selected insurance agents. In view of the need to find an insurance solution suitable for the size and complexity of the kibbutz industry (about 400 enterprises covered, at more than $5 billion). Agricultural Insurance has reached a high degree of specialization in this branch of insurance backed by secondary insurance, unique and exceptional in scope, with leading insurers worldwide.
לוגו ערבה פאוור
Arava Power Company was founded in 2006 by Kibbutz Ketura, David Rosenblatt and Yosef Abramovitz. As a pioneer in the field of solar energy in Israel, the company has set a goal - to lead the development of the industry and build numerous solar projects in the Negev and Arava.
In 2011 Arava Power inaugurated the first commercial solar field in Israel, at Kibbutz Ketura. Since then, six other solar fields have been set up and connected to the national grid. Another project totaling 40 MW, also at Kibbutz Ketura, was connected to the network in the summer of 2015. Today, fifteen additional projects are in various stages of development.
The Company's partners are: Global Sun Partners (founder and owner), Phoenix Insurance, and the Jewish National Fund.