Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee of the Kibbutz Economies Group approves the policies and operations of the Group and oversees management in pre-defined areas of responsibilities.
The Committee is made up of a Chair and 10 Directors with extensive professional and practical experience in various fields of management. All Executive Committee members are kibbutz members.

Chair of Kibbutz Economies

Doron Seth - member of Kibbutz Yagur.
Holds a master´s degree in economics.


Avishai Lazarovitz - member of Kibbutz Ruhama.
An accountant with a BA in Economics and Accounting and a master´s degree in law.
Has vast experience in economy coordination, business management, and financial management in the kibbutz sector and various corporations.

Ofir Libstein – member of Kibbutz Kfar Aza.
Holds a BA in business administration and a master´s degree in Jewish studies.Chair of Kibbutz Holit, vice president of the Kibbutz Industries Association and a member of the board of directors of the Jewish National Fund.

Gil Hess – member of Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu.A
 graduate of courses of study in executive finance and business.Currently serves as director of the Religious Kibbutz Fund.Previously held roles in kibbutz finance and various kibbutz corporations.

Harel Raz – member of Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz.
Holds a BA in Business Administration.  Serves as the Business Manager of Ein HaMifratz and Chair of several companies.Previously served as CEO of an industrial company and as a community manager.

Dagan Levin, born on Kibbutz Manara.
Member of Kibbutz Tzora. Accountant, holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration.
Head of Economics for the kibbutz movement and CEO of Kamea Fund, financial management for kibbutzim, chair of the financial organization Judean Hills Economy, corporate management of Efal Industries.
Vered Reinman - member of Kibbutz Galil-Yam.
Holds a BA from the Faculty of Agriculture majoring in Economics and Statistics.
Director at Bank Leumi and Leumi Partners, board member of the Kibbutz Seminar, the Council for a Beautiful Israel, and Beit She´an Economies.
Previously held positions as treasurer of Galil-Yam, manager of the United Kibbutz Movement fund, and manager of the Madgal factory.

Tamira Ratz - member of Kibbutz Ramot Menashe.
A graduate of studies in Economics and Management at Ruppin College. 
Acts as economic coordinator (business manager) of Moledet cooperative moshav and serves on various directorates. Previously held various roles as treasurer and economic coordinator (business manager) in different kibbutzim. 

Yael Lotan, Attorney - member of Kibbutz Ein HaShofet.
A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Haifa. 
She is a certified internal auditor and a graduate of directors training of the Kibbutz Industries Association. 
She is a managing partner of the law firm of Oz, Lotan, Einav and Associates, located at Kibbutz Ein Harod Meuhad. Previously served on the board of directors of the Atudot HaVatika pension fund, of the economic society of the Megiddo Regional Council, and of the company MAG-EH Ltd.

Omri Rotem, Attorney- member of Kibbutz Shamir.
A senior partner at the law firm of Shenhav, Conforti, Rotem and Associates. Has over 10 years of business and legal experience in industry and settlement-business activity.
Chair of business / corporate holdings management of Kibbutz Shamir. Chair and member of several boards of directors and consultant to a number of management councils and leading business organizations. 
Chair of the Association for the Democratic High School "Einot Yarden."   

Adit Garfunkel - member of Kibbutz Yotvata.
She holds a BA in Mathematics and Computers from Ben Gurion University.  
CEO of Ardom Management and Holdings  - regional factories in the southern Arava. Served as CFO of the Health Division (Dairy and salads) of Strauss and as economic coordinator (business manager) of Yotvata. 

Shaul Ashkenazi - member of Kibbutz Ma´agan Michael.
A Ruppin College graduate, holds an MBA and degree in Economics from MIT, Boston, USA. 
Serves as chair for Plasson, Pascal, Mego-Afek, and Gaash Lighting, and as a director of Kibbutz Economy, Ram-On, and Golan Plastic.