Kibbutz Home

The optimal model for building
a kibbutz community,
because a kibbutz home is more than just a house.
Kibbutz Home is an Agricultural Cooperative Society (ACS) specializing in the design, financing and construction of housing projects in kibbutzim nationwide.
Kibbutz Home provides housing solutions especially adapted to the needs of different kibbutzim.
The company identifies as a collective and is closely familiar with the internal  processes of the kibbutz, as well as having expertise in providing solutions tailored to demographic growth. In addition, the company has very high financial strength and capabilities. Projects are managed with full transparency for all customers: Residents, new kibbutz members, and kibbutzim management.  Lavid Engineering has over 20 years experience in project management in construction and infrastructure, and provides engineering services to Kibbutz Home. The professionals of Lavid Engineering are full partners in the planning and supervision of all projects run by Kibbutz Home.

CEO: Niv Toren

At the head of the company is CEO Niv Toren who has been with the company since the day it was founded.
He is a member of Kibbutz Ramat HaShofet and has experience in kibbutz management and initiative management of real estate projects in the field of housing, employment and trade, and with the Israel Lands Authority.  

Contact details

Telephone: 04-8307367

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