About us

The Kibbutz Economies Group is a national purchasing organization aimed at initiating actions that give added strategic value to its owners. The Kibbutz Economies Group, owned by the kibbutzim, is an Agricultural Cooperative Society (ACS) that was established in 1996. In 2003, the association began to gather under one roof the vast purchasing power of the kibbutz movement, kibbutzim and kibbutz members in Israel. Today the group has 270 members encompassing kibbutzim and moshavim from all streams.
The group operates as a single entity with financial strength providing a cooperative grouping of economies of scale, with added strategic value to its owners: the kibbutzim, the kibbutz members, and the kibbutz industries.     

Joint Strategic Economies   

The Kibbutz Economies Group coordinates the overall procurement activities and financing of raw materials for the kibbutz industries. In addition, the Group coordinates designated independent corporations - that provide strategic advantages in many different areas: Energy, infrastructure and construction, equipment and vehicles, communications, import and export, insurance and financial services, financing and management of foreign exchange transactions, tourism, trade and consumerism.